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8/1/22blog post

try this free back-to-school activity with your kids

spark conversations and capture memories with your kids


Are you experiencing a lot of feelings as back-to-school time approaches? Chances are your kids are too. Talking with your kids about how they are feeling can help their mental health and ease them back into the school year and be ready for learning. Not sure where to start, try one of our back to school conversation starters

If you're still wondering, "How can I help them get ready for their first day," try these helpful tips: 

  1. Keep their bodies healthy. Encourage healthy sleep and eating habits to increase their focus and improve their mood.
  2. Practice. Walking to a new bus stop a few days before school starts, meeting the teacher, or discussing how to make new friends can help children feel more prepared.
  3. Just breathe. It may seem simple but taking a few deep belly breaths (in through the nose and out through the mouth, filling up the belly like a balloon) can help you and your child feel calmer.

download a free first day of school picture template

Kids grow so fast! Now is a great time to discuss and record some of their feelings about back-to-school. As a bonus, you’ll have a keepsake from the first day of school every year. This can be fun for you and for them to look back on and see how they’ve grown and changed.

 Download this first day of school sign, fill it out for your child and take a photo of them holding it before they head off for their first day. It is also available to download  in Spanish. Share it on social media and tag Dayton Children's in your pictures– we might share yours!

because kids don't wear their thoughts on their sleeves

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