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12/2/16news article

truckload of toys donation fulfills 9-year-old's wish

he knew what it was like to spend Christmas in the hospital

Ty's truckload of toys

This morning, as he started to load up a box truck full of toys he’d collected for sick kids at Dayton Children’s Hospital, 9-year-old Ty Fugate said, “Mom, now my Christmas wish has already come true.” While it brought tears to her eyes, Amy Fugate had to soldier on because there were 4,000 toys sitting in the basement of her Eaton home and a box truck idling outside, waiting to take it all to Dayton Children’s. Thankfully she had a bevy of eager family members also ready and willing to lift a load.

Ty’s philanthropic quest started the year he had to spend Christmas Day at the hospital. “It was scary because I was away from my family,” Ty says. “So I wanted to make other kids here happy and have a great Christmas. I got bikes, tricycles, dolls, babies and all kinds of stuff to bring.”

His parents first heard his wish to donate to kids at Dayton Children’s a year ago, right after Thanksgiving. So they brought a small load of toys. “But as we were leaving he said he wanted to do it bigger next year – with a box truck!” says Amy. “We were shocked that he had such big ideas, but said well, we’ll see what we can do.”

Amy put the word out on social media about Ty’s dream of a truck full of toys. “Within an hour, I had people bringing me donations and toys on the ball field! Corporations, small businesses, individuals from all over have pitched in – just last weekend we drove down to pick up a donation from West Chester.”

“We will make sure that all the gifts get to the kids who are spending time with us during the holiday month,” says Karen Muller, child life manager at Dayton Children’s. “We are so appreciative of the support of the community and families like the Fugates.”

“We’re incredibly proud of him for wanting to help someone who doesn’t get to be home for the holidays,” says Christian Fugate, Ty’s dad. “It really shows his kind heart.”

Ty is not finished yet. He plans to be back next year, with a bigger bundle of toys for the kids. No matter how big or how small, one thing is for sure. He will leave a lasting impact on the kids at Dayton Children’s, just as Dayton Children’s left a lasting impact on him. “I want to be a nurse when I grow up… a Dayton Children’s nurse!”

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