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5/21/15news article

superheros scale Dayton Children's

children delighted to see them tackle grime, instead of crime!

We all know of a certain superhero who can leap tall buildings in a single bound and another who can scale even the slipperiest of glass facades. However, some very special superheros were spotted through the windows of Dayton Children’s Hospital, all to the delight of the children inside.

Spiderman, Wolverine and Captain America armed themselves with squeegies and sponges and tackled the crime, or rather, the grime on the windows of the hospital, while waving to the young patients. Lowered on small seats from the roof of the hospital, they seemed to crawl along the side of the building while they worked and entertained.

“This is a wonderful pick-me-up for my daughter,” said mom, Heather Thomas. “Being in the hospital is not normally very fun and for kids, it can get really boring. This helps keep them entertained and lifts their spirits. Her brothers are going to be so jealous when they learn she had a visit from Wolverine outside her window!”

The superheros were actually workers from Pride Master, a company that has been cleaning Dayton Children’s windows for 16 years. They were more than happy to suit up in costumes, if it meant a smile for the kids. “This really warms my heart,” said Lawrence Cook, Spiderman’s secret identity.

“Believe it or not, the kids already think we are superheros when they see us, even without the costumes. They say “Mommy, a man is on the side of the building – he must be Spiderman!”

Tony Hill, environmental services manager at Dayton Children’s, started the ball rolling on the project. He noticed other children’s hospitals doing it and asked Pride Master if they would be willing. “They immediately accepted,” Hill says. “They were just as excited as we were. Anything we can do to make a child’s stay with us more exciting, more memorable, more enjoyable - we will do it.”

Like all good superheros, this crew promised to return, when needed again.

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