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3/24/16blog post

savor the flavor of eating right

Savor the flavor

When you eat, do you truly savor the food that is going into your mouth?

March is National Nutrition Month® (NNM) where dietitians around the country give each other high fives for a job well done. It is the month where we promote our profession and provide a bit of extra nutrition guidance about healthy eating: 2016’s NNM theme is Savor the Flavor of Eating Right. To me, savoring the flavor of eating right starts with mindful eating, choosing whole and seasonal foods and cooking at home.

Where do you enjoy your meals? Do you often eat on the run? How many meals are you able to sit with your family at the table during the week? Reviewing where you eat can shed light on how much extra you may be eating and drinking. Challenge: at mealtime, slow down, take a deep breath and be mindful of WHAT you eat.

What foods are on your grocery list? Are you shopping fresh and whole? Boxed and processed? Added sugar, salt and fat DO add flavor. But, registered dietitians urge you to think seasonal, fresh and whole where the natural flavor starts! Challenge: include more fresh meats, seasonal produce and fresh herbs for seasoning on your grocery list.

How can we juggle eating healthy with a busy lifestyle? It IS challenging! Planning and cooking ahead of time is key. Planning includes cooking more when you have time and freezing the extra food. Also, try looking ahead at the week of busy evenings and plan the meals accordingly. We often flip flop the after school snack and dinner since we run to practices and games in the evening. Keeping fresh fruit, vegetables and other convenient snacks around helps save time. Challenge: how many healthy grab-and-go snacks do you have in your refrigerator and pantry?

How do you savor the flavor of eating right?


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