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8/1/16news article

safety protocols and training put to the test

Patient safety is our number one priority

As a safety precaution, Dayton Children's staff moved patients and their families from the inpatient units to other sections of the hospital this morning, at the recommendation of the Dayton Fire Department.

A malfunction of the fill valve in the boiler caused excess steam to build up, impacting the pressure valve release in the boiler room. The steam set off an alarm and the Dayton Fire Department responded at 2:54 am.

To ensure safety, fire crews recommended moving patients and their families. Staff took 52 children from inpatient rooms to another section of the hospital and three patients from the emergency department moved to a building across the street.

“Patient safety is our number one priority,” says Deborah Feldman, president and CEO. “We know it was an inconvenience for our families, but it was necessary to ensure their safety.”

The fire department checked the situation and determined there was no risk. Dayton Children’s facilities crews returned the boiler to full operation with a minor repair by 4:21 am and continue to monitor the situation. Patients and families returned to their rooms shortly thereafter.

“We have protocols and procedures in place for events like this and our staff trains regularly for emergency circumstances,” says Feldman. “They evacuated patients efficiently and safely, and returned the families to the rooms in the same way. We thank our families for their patience and understanding.”

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