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3/27/13blog post

preventing a jail break

She’s found the door handles!

My little munchkin is finally tall enough to reach the door knobs and turn them. She loves to open and close doors – and yell “bye-bye” as she does it. We are now onto next level of childproofing to secure the doors and ensure she’s can’t find a way out or find a way into a room we don’t want her in. We need to prevent a jail break!

Here are a couple tips regarding doors from our experience:

  • While it may not be necessary to put the door knob covers on all doors, key doors to consider are those that go outside, up or down stairs and into rooms that can be really dangerous like the bathroom.
  • Do your door knobs lock from the inside? If so, make sure that you have the key that comes with the doors or have planned on how to pick the lock prior to your child locking him or herself in. Recently, we locked ourselves out of the bathroom after accidentally knocking the lock. It was a reminder that Mary could easily lock one of these doors so we are prepared with a key.

Do you have any other tips for keeping kids safe around doors?