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10/30/13blog post

pinteresting...not a good idea

I’ve been a minorly obsessed with Pinterest lately. I think it’s because I had a pretty good garden this summer and now I have to find some good recipes for all of those fresh veggies. Of course, once you are on Pinterest you can’t stop so I have been known to take some time and check out some other categories. I’ve since created a board of all of the things that really, from a safety perspective, really aren’t a good idea. I call it my “Not a Good Idea” board – original, I know. The creativity on Pinterest is amazing – but sometimes creativity may need to be balanced a good dose of safety sense. Here are some of my favorites from the “Not A Good Idea” board:

I’ve seen a couple designs for DIY car seat blankets. They may be cute, but car seat manufacturers don’t really like to see anything placed between the baby and the seat – particularly anything that is going to alter the threading of the harness. The safer option is to just put the baby in the seat, strap him or her in tightly and put a blanket on top.

I’m glad to see this little girl in car seat – the bucket isn’t such a good idea. It could easily become a projectile in a crash hitting either the child, passenger or driver. Keeping kids occupied and quiet in the car is a challenge, softer toys would be a better option.

Lots of car seat DIY car seat or seat belt covers out there. Car seat manufacturers cannot test with every type of cover out there and generally don’t recommend their use unless they came with the car seat. In addition, note how the chest clip is pushed down to the abdomen – it’s important that chest clip is always at arm pit level.