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10/2/13blog post

pinteresting… unsafe sleep

The issue of children passing away due to unsafe sleep practices continues to make headlines – and for good reason. Montgomery County alone sees roughly one baby pass away every 6 weeks due to unsafe sleep practices.

For as many times information about the dangers of crib bumpers and extra bedding has been given– I continue to see these unnecessary products being coveted. In one place in particular – Pinterest. Here are a few of the cribs I’ve seen on Pinterest, in all of their beauty and creativity, that are particularly unsafe for little ones.

The bumper pads, pillow and stuffed animals all post a suffocation hazard.

Another example of very fluffy bumper pads and a pillow.

While super soft and fluffy, the sheepskin is particularly dangerous.

When it comes to safe sleep – simple is best. Bumper pads, pillows, extra bedding and stuffed animals aren’t necessary – another time to save money and buy diapers!