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1/12/12blog post

pajama drama

Mary is finally in 9-month clothing which means we can be a little more creative with how she dresses at night. There are more and more options other than the infant sleep n’ plays that she’s had for bedtime up to this point.

I’ve been buying up a variety of adorable winter pajamas – now in two pieces – so that Mary looks as cute awake as she is asleep. As I was wrapping her gifts this year I noticed a tag on one of her pajama sets. This is what it looked like:

Well – being the Safety Mom that I am, my heart sank a bit. Had I broken a safety rule?

Then I started taking a closer look at some of her other pajamas and noticed that they also had other tags stating that they met flammability standards.

Ironically, within days the Consumer Product Safety Commission had two recalls dealing with products not meeting the flammability standard -one for children’s robes and another for children’s pajamas.

I started a little research to better understand the flammability standards so I can be a good consumer warrior. I learned from the CPSC’s Children’s Sleepwear Regulations the following:

  • Children’s sleepwear is defined as any article of clothing, such as a nightgown, pajama, robe or loungewear and is intended to be worn primarily for sleeping or activities related to sleeping.

The next time you are in the market for children’s sleepwear hopefully these reminders will come in handy!

After learning this I know I’ll be sleeping better at night – Mary will be sleeping flame resistant!