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7/20/11blog post

the Oozy Gooey housewarming gift

As I shared previously, we recently went to visit my parents in Northern Wisconsin for our summer vacation. Mary decided to give my parents a housewarming gift the moment we arrived in the driveway – a full diaper oozing out into her car seat. Needless to say – GROSS!

After the initial baby clean-up and diaper change we noticed that her car seat was unfortunately a casualty of the whole ordeal. Adding in a little baby spit up after nearly 14 hours of travel, the car seat padding definitely needed a cleaning.

Since I was just coming off of the car seat class I remembered what we told the students – and what we share with all parents wishing to clean their car seats. Here are a few reminders:

  • As always – follow the car seat manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning.
  • If you are going to have to completely remove the padding on the car seat take a picture of the front and the back so you know how it is supposed to look when you put everything back together.
  • Use water and mild soap – no need for bleach or harsh chemicals – these can change the integrity of the car seat fabric.
  • Sometimes a baby wipe will do the trick to clean the harness straps – never iron or starch the straps.

Happy car seat cleaning!