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10/23/17news article

new opioid prescribing laws for patient safety

New limits on prescribing opioids for acute pain went into effect August 31, 2017. 

  1. No more than seven days of opioids can be prescribed in the initial prescription for adults.
  2. No more than five days of opioids can be prescribed in the initial prescription for minors. Written consent of the parent or guardian is required in outpatient clinics only.
  3. The total morphine equivalent dose (MED) of a prescription for acute pain cannot exceed an average of 30 MED per day.
  4. The new limits do not apply to opioids prescribed for chronic pain, cancer, palliative care, end-of-life/hospice care or medication-assisted treatment for addiction.
  5. Health care providers may prescribe opioids in excess of the day supply limits only if they provide a specific reason in the patient’s medical record.

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