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3/1/16news article

new allergy panel option

allergiesWhen it comes to allergy testing, determining which components a patient is allergic to may provide the physician with additional diagnostic and prognostic information. When a patient is positive for peanut, breaking it down to which component is positive may help determine the severity of the peanut allergy and better aid in treatment. When reflexing is set-up for allergens such as peanut, a positive result will reflex and the component tests for the allergen will be ordered, in the case of peanut five additional tests will be ordered.

There are three food allergens that Dayton Children’s labs test components for. These include peanut, egg white and milk. These food allergens are orderable separately or as part of multiple panels.

Some physicians find value in having the positive tests reflex to the components, but other physicians do not. So, to offer greater flexibility, we now have options for physicians to order allergy panels that reflex to components when positive for peanut, egg white, or milk and allergy panels that will not reflex to components upon positive results.

You will now need to specify which panels you are ordering (reflex or non-reflex). These new panels were added in Sunquest and EPIC. They will also be added to all of the lab order forms.

They include:

  • Food Allergy Profile (FAPNR)
  • Respiratory/Food Allergy Profile (RAPFPNR)
  • Childhood Allergy Profile (CHAPNR)
  • Nut panel (NUT1NR)

For more information, contact:
Stacy Porter
Communications specialist
Phone: 937-641-3666