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12/18/13blog post

like mother, like daughter

Last week we went on a wonderful family vacation to Hilton Head Island. Although a little chilly (nothing like the cold weather in Dayton), we had a great time. One activity in particular really showed Mary’s “safety-daughter” personality coming out!

While trying to find a way to entertain a nearly-three-year-old, we found a great petting zoo and stable. They were giving pony rides – so of course, Mary needed to ride “Minimus.” (Minimus is Disney’s Sophia the First’s flying purple horse – a girl can dream). So we pulled out the helmet, made sure it was properly fitted and promptly set Mary atop her pony. She had a wonderful ride around the petting zoo – never stopped smiling! Score one for Mom and Dad!

Later that day (and subsequent days) we have asked Mary what she did on vacation. She explains how she went to the beach and found sea shells, she rode a pony and most enthusiastically she will exclaim – I wore a helmet!!! A girl after my own heart!

We always say how important it is to start young with important safety habits…hopefully this one will stick!

Check out my quick video on how to fit a helmet correctly!