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5/14/15news article

May is for miracles

a month full of activities, competition and fundraising help put money where the miracles are

There is no symbol that signifies a stay in the hospital like an identification band. So Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals are using those bands to remind communities of the 17 million kids treated at hospitals like Dayton Children’s every year. But these aren’t just any ID bands - they are Miracle Bands.

Across the country, everyone from celebrities like Jennifer Lopez to patients at the 170 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals are sharing their photos with their Miracle Bands at #miracleband.

Kids at Dayton Children’s had their chance to “bling their bands” at a special craft project put on by child life specialists. The kids added stickers, stars, ribbons, bows and bells to their Children’s Miracle Network Miracle Bands. They even crafted a few for Miss Ohio Mackenzie Bart from Columbus and Miss Ohio’s Outstanding Teen Rosie Westerbeck from Minster. As Children’s Miracle Network partners, the beauty queens stopped by the hospital to deliver handmade blankets to patients.

“Decorating an ID band is such a simple idea,” says Karen Muller, manager of child life. “But it really allows the kids to use their imagination and do whatever they want. That sense of control can be so important to a child who may feel helpless when dealing with their illness or injury.”

“Anyone can go to and order a free Miracle Band,” says Debbie Butner, Dayton Children’s Miracle Network manager. “Decorate it however you wish or leave it plain – then be sure to post a photo to #miracleband to show your support for all the kids who have to wear the real ID bands during their stay at Dayton Children’s.”

Along with the identification band symbol, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals are asking the community to “Put Your Money Where the Miracles Are” and give donations that Dayton Children’s relies upon to provide equipment, therapies, research and charitable care for local kids. All money donated locally to Children’s Miracle Network and through its partners, such as Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco, Chico’s and White House/Black Market goes to Dayton Children’s Hospital to support the critical mission of providing world-class care for kids close to home.

May is for Miracles

Children’s Miracle Network has designated the month of May to highlight all the miracles that happen at Dayton Children’s and the 170 other children’s hospitals it supports. One partner,

Speedway, is hosting the Battle of the Brave. The Facebook competition features two of Dayton Children’s miracle patients. The hospital with the featured patient who gets the most votes wins $20,000. Second place receives $10,000 and third place gets $5,000.

The current contender is Mariah, a true miracle story. In March 2013, Mariah was diagnosed with anaplastic large cell lymphoma. Mariah immediately began treatment and spent most of her spring and summer at Dayton Children’s. Mariah is no longer in treatment and has come out of this experience with a positive attitude, seeing cancer as not a burden but rather an opportunity to look at her life in a new light.

Saturday, Nick Thomas will join the competition. Nick is a sports-loving teen who plays everything from baseball to basketball to wrestling and soccer. Watching him, you would never know that Nick lives every day with cystic fibrosis. Diagnosed at 5 months old, Nick has spent his life in and out of Dayton Children’s. Even though Nick is extremely active, he still has to spend every day giving himself treatments to help him breathe. However, Nick never lets CF slow him down.

Nick and Mariah are just two of the miracles that happen every day at Dayton Children’s. You can vote for them by visiting Speedway’s Battle of the Brave Facebook page.

“Without support from the community, Dayton Children’s could not be as successful as it is in making sure every child gets the best care possible to make their own miracle happen,” says Bethany Deines, director of annual giving. “So be sure to look for Miracle Balloon sales or special promotions at businesses in your area.”

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