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1/21/14blog post

how I became a Brussels sprouts lover

If you didn’t know – I didn’t like Brussels sprouts. Well, after trying them again, almost one year later, I changed my mind! I ordered the Brussels sprouts from the Fresh Fare here at Dayton Children’s – AND, they were wonderful! So, it really CAN take multiple exposures in order to like a new food!!

My journey with the Brussels Sprout: Yes, they are cute miniature cabbages. But, they have a strong pungent after -taste! I tried them cooked in bacon grease (not too healthy!), frozen (My mother told me to try the fresh over the frozen), and continued to try them at the Fresh Fare here at the hospital. Recently, I decided to purchase the Brussels sprouts for lunch. I ate AND enjoyed them! I sometimes will purchase the vegetable of the day and bring it home to add to our supper meal – and Brussels sprouts now come home, too. The kids keep trying them!

Why try the Brussels sprout: Besides being low in calories, they are a super source of fiber, antioxidants and folate (good for moms-to-be to help prevent neural tube defects). Besides great nutrition, our boys witnessed me not liking a food and then, after trying and trying – love them!

How we prepare our Brussels sprouts: After sharing the above with my dietitian friends, Brussels sprout recipes came my way. Right now, I have prepared them with mustard – inspired by the Fresh Fare at Dayton Children’s:

  1. Wash and remove the soiled outer leaves and bottoms of one pound Brussels sprouts. Halve all. Face them flat side down in oil-covered sauté pan, uncovered, for five minutes on low to medium heat.
  2. Add chicken broth – not completely covering the sprouts. Scrape the bottom of the pan. Cover and simmer at low heat until the chicken broth is about soaked in. I test the sprouts – making sure they are soft.
  3. Remove the lid. Add 2 tablespoons Dijon mustard (I added 1 tbsp Dijon smooth and 1 tbsp Grey Poupon Country Dijon made with coarse mustard). Stir, serve and enjoy!

If Brussels sprouts are not your challenge vegetable of choice, just keep exposing your family to new foods and enjoy the fun that goes with it.

For other Brussels sprout recipes, check out Dayton Children’s on Pinterest on the Kid Recipes and Nutrition Tip board.