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6/2/21news article

the helmet that saved a life

“The neurosurgeon told us the helmet SAVED his life.

As a parent, when your child is learning to ride their bike you put a helmet on them and explain to them the importance of wearing it every time. But as time goes on and your little ones become bigger it’s easy to become less strict about helmet usage, especially when your kid or teen complains about it. But for Ben and Elizabeth Connors, their son wearing a helmet is the reason he is here today.

Five years ago, Ethan and his dad went on a bike ride at a nearby park. Somehow Ethan fell off his bike. By the time his dad got to him he was completely unconscious. 911 was called and the ambulance arrived taking him to Dayton Children’s Level 1 trauma center.

“I remember walking into the ER doors and hearing the trauma doctors and nurses yelling his name. My husband and I stood in the hallway, feeling helpless,” shares Elizabeth.

A nurse came out and shared that he was going to be okay, he was in good hands. Ethan was given many scans and tests to see he had a skull fracture, concussion, and a bleed outside of the brain.

Ethan spent multiple days in the pediatric intensive care unit recovering.

“Everyone heard his story and we were told multiple times that week that the helmet saved his life,” says Elizabeth. “Without that helmet he wouldn't be the fun loving, athletic 11-year-old boy today.”

Ethan’s care team gave him a new helmet that they all signed stating the helmet saved his life. Today, Ethan doesn't think twice when grabbing his helmet and has even had some friends start wearing one because of him.