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5/25/21blog post

get to know: Nicoline Elkins

The center for the female athlete at Dayton Children's is led by a group of physicians, specialists, dietitians, and athletic trainers dedicated to the current and future health and wellness of the female athlete. Each caregiver plays an important role on the team, providing total wellness of the young female athlete and the unique situations that affect them.











Name: Nicoline Elkins

Role on the center for the female athlete team: I am an athletic trainer. As an athletic trainer my duty is to promote good health. Athletic training is a practice taking care of athletes by promoting injury prevention through a healthy lifestyle and proper physical training. I practice my skills in various aspects with treatment/recovery, rehabilitation, and prevention of athletes from injury.

Why is it important to have your specialty as part of the center for the female athlete team?
My specialty is important because of the work and drive to promote strong bodies and minds of athletes by not only giving service via quality healthcare, but by providing an atmosphere where the athlete feels confident and competent in whatever they are here to accomplish. I encourage a strong body and mind to grow in both preventative training and rehabilitative so that they may participate in sport with confidence in who they are and what they can do.

What are your goals for the program?
My goal is that the athletes are encouraged to learn good habits and skills that will aid in not only recovery, but also be tools that they will utilize in preventing future injury. Susceptibility percentage to injury is never zero, but my purpose as an athletic trainer is to lower that percentage to be as close to zero as can be, with meaningful training and cutting-edge techniques specific to the athlete. I work with the athletes in a way that puts their mind and body safely under pressure so that they complete the program more steadfast in who they are physically and mentally

What do you want female athletes to know about the program?
I would love female athletes who participate in this program to feel more empowered and prepared to take on anything. These girls are coming in seeking knowledgeable mentors to guide them in becoming strong competitive and healthy athletes competing in sport. The program will be equipped with the skills and tools of professionals that will share the athlete’s need in all aspects of competition to know how to take care of their bodies and minds.

Injury prevention and recovery is never easy, so in both settings we encourage the athletes in such a way that their mind breaks its own barriers, opening doors to growth in mental toughness and achieving their physical goals desired. The athlete will experience a cycle of hardship, problem solving, discipline and motivation, and achievement resulting in a strong healthy process of “I can do hard things”. We all know that reaching fitness goals is hard and recovering from injury is hard. But, given the right tools and professional guidance the athlete will no doubt conquer the hard things.

One final thought
What is convenient about this circle of professionals is that the communication between physician, athletic trainer, dietitian, behavioral health therapist, and others from supportive departments is that the athlete will have a full spectrum of care from people that advocate for the athlete’s strong body to return-to-play. Collaborations from this angle will provide the athlete a more rounded recovery and outlook on the best avenues to tackle their goals.          


Kendal is on pointe

The first Center for the Female Athlete patient reached her goal of getting up on pointe with the support of the program's multidisciplinary team.

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