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2/5/13blog post

five ways to keep kids moving this winter

When the cold came, it got louder inside our home and it feels like the kids are bouncing off the walls! You see, we don’t have a basement. The boys just need to get outside and MOVE! Did you know kids are supposed to move 60 minutes every day, per the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines?

5 tips to keeping active in the cold winter months:

  • Bundle the kids up: Yep – still send them outside to burn off some energy. Though they may not be outside for very long, the fresh air will do them (and you) some good! We play a lot of basketball on the driveway since the yard may be frozen or muddy. Hockey in the back, soccer– let them RUN IT OFF! Shovel snow or build and defend snow forts for when it snows.
  • Dance off: Play some fun music and dance in the house. Each chooses a song to dance to. The kids like hearing my music and seeing me dance. Play a dance party game and try to keep up with the moves.
  • Twister: Can you keep the poses and positions? This can be some yoga fun while playing together.
  • Circuit training: Do ten exercises for 1 minute each. Have each family member decide on the fun indoor exercise – jumping jacks? Pushups? Pretend jump rope? My sister put ME through such training on our family vacation in the vacation home’s garage – it is a good workout!
  • Improvise: We cleaned out our garage and the boys play games in there – foosball, Pop a Shot and even hockey. They sometimes come inside sweaty (it worked!).

How do you help your kids get their recommended 60 minutes activity when it is cold outside?