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7/29/15blog post

delicious summer salsa recipe

With seasonal fresh produce, fresh salsa can be a simple way to incorporate fruits and vegetables into our diets. I have the pleasure of enjoying my sisters’ varied salsa recipes on vacation and my brother-in-law’s salsa from his vegetable garden. What I enjoy about salsa is that there are just a couple key ingredients in making people come back for another dip:

  1. Start with tomatoes or fruit. Fruit salsas are a fun way to change up traditional salsas. Think mango, pineapple, peach or strawberry. Dice or puree the tomato (or use drained canned petite diced tomato) or fruit.
  2. Add diced purple onion and garlic.
  3. Heat your salsa with diced jalapeno or chilies (heat is optional). If your salsa is too hot, add more tomato/fruit.
  4. Splash the salsa with the juice of a lime.
  5. Flavor with cilantro/salt/pepper to taste.

Other additions: diced peppers, drained canned beans, any fruits/vegetables you want to add!

Salsa doesn’t just have to be solely eaten with chips. I enjoy eating it off a spoon and on pasta. The kids taste the salsas – sometimes more the chips. But, they do find fruit in salsa to be different – so, we focus on that and enjoy!

What salsa recipes do you enjoy?