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10/22/09news article

Dayton Children’s responds to the increase in patient volume. increase in patients with flu-like symptoms continues to rise

increase in patients with flu-like symptoms continues to rise

On Sunday, October 18, Dayton Children's implemented a centralized triage area in the main lobby to accommodate the increase in patient volume in the emergency department.

"We are seeing about 400 kids a day in our emergency department and two urgent care centers," says Tom Murphy, MD, vice president for medical affairs. "This is a 60 percent increase of what we typically see this time of year."

Parents and families bringing children to the hospital with flu-like symptoms will come into the main lobby, check in with the triage nurse and be directed to the appropriate location depending on their symptoms. A separate area of the emergency department will be used to care for the majority of children with flu-like symptoms.

The number of patients coming to the emergency department is monitored daily and the triage system may expand if needed.

The emergency department is still treating non-flu related illnesses and injuries. Families can also visit Dayton Children's Urgent Care - Springboro for minor illnesses and injuries.

Dayton Children's continues to closely monitor the seasonal flu and H1N1 (swine flu). Because of the increase in both outpatient and inpatient visits and to keep patients and staff healthy, Dayton Children's has also implemented restrictions on its visitation policy.

The policy went in to effect Friday, October 2 and states:

  • Visitation is limited to only parents, grandparents and legal guardians. No children are allowed to visit patients or are allowed to be on the inpatient unit floors at any time.
  • No more than two visitors per patient should be in a patient's room at any time.
  • Visitors should be healthy - free from fever, cough or colds or stomach virus symptoms. Any visitor with signs of illness should not visit.

"While we understand this may be an inconvenience for families, this is necessary to prevent the spread of illness," says Betsy Woods, public relations manager at Dayton Children's. "We appreciate everyone's patience and cooperation in doing what's best for our patients and staff."

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