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1/8/21blog post

Dayton Children's rejects violence at Capitol

calls for supporting the democracy our children will inherit

Deeply held political beliefs, respectful disagreement and passionate debate are the characteristics of a strong and vital democracy and something that has provided strength and vitality to our country for over 200 years. The assault we witnessed on the Capitol on January 6 was not that, but was a direct attack on our precious democracy. Today we learned that a fifth person, a Capitol police officer has died and more than 50 officers were injured. This is not who we are as Americans and Dayton Children’s rejects all such violence.

The last 10 months have forced us to deal with levels of anxiety and unease that have left many of us searching for support and reassurance. Along with many of my co-workers, I find that support here at Dayton Children’s. I know my spirit is renewed each time I see a smile on a child’s face and relief on that of a parent’s.

Our values and mission at Dayton Children’s provide us with a purpose and focus. We, as a nation, must always return to a higher purpose as well. We, as parents and guardians of our children’s future, must strive to act in ways that protect the democracy we want our children to inherit. I am confident that as a community, we will rise above senseless violence and will get through these challenging times together.

Deborah A. Feldman
President and CEO, Dayton Children's Hospital