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11/22/21news article

Dayton Children’s opens pediatric primary care location in the Hope Center

As part of Dayton Children’s vision of reinventing the path to health care for children, the hospital expands its pediatric primary care practice into an area of the region that continues to see health disparities. Today, Dayton Children’s Pediatrics opens a new location in the Hope Center for Families on Harvard Boulevard.

Dayton Children’s is an anchor institution in the project, along with Mini University, Sinclair Community College and the Omega Community Development Corporation (CDC). Each partner is dedicated to reducing poverty using a two-generation model that will offer cross-program referrals and success for children and parents simultaneously under one roof. Initial efforts will focus on addressing the three major factors in poverty reduction:

  • Developing the workforce
  • Improving health
  • Growing opportunities through education

Dayton Children’s Pediatrics will offer a medical home for children in a region of the city in which half of all children live below the poverty line and unemployment is higher than average.  These social determinants are huge impacts on the overall health of children and the families.

“We know that we can only impact 20 percent of a child’s health in the doctor’s office,” says Deborah A. Feldman, president and CEO of Dayton Children’s. “By partnering in the Hope Center for Families and teaming up with the organizations inside, we are able to influence a greater portion of a child’s well-being. The support for the whole family provided here is transformational. By joining together to offer these services all in one space, we can truly make an impact in a child and family’s health today and for generations to come.”

"This project could not be coming to the region at a more crucial time," Vanessa Ward , president of Omega CDC. "Health disparities, especially for the infants, children and youth, will be mitigated with the presence of Dayton Children's Hospital at the Hope Center."

Zenar Yohannes, MD, will lead the program at Hope Center. Two new pediatricians, Stephanie Weber, DO, and Laura Ann Sullivan, MD, will also be based at The Hope Center. The clinic has 10 exam rooms with convenient parking