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9/27/18news article

Dayton Children's to offer flu shots in pharmacies

As flu season approaches, Dayton Children’s is launching a new initiative in the hopes of keeping our children healthier.  In a pilot study last year, we asked every family who came to us, regardless of whether it was through the emergency department, an outpatient visit or an admission, if their child had received the flu vaccine.  The numbers were staggering.  Less than 30 percent of children who came to Dayton Children’s for any reason were vaccinated against the flu. 

As our mission is the relentless pursuit of optimal health for every child within our reach, we knew that we had to be a part of the solution to this problem. This season, Dayton Children’s will offer the flu vaccine to anyone age 7 and older at both the main campus and south campus pharmacies.* We will document who the child’s primary care physician is and send the forms with the date and dose the child received to that primary care physician for their records.

We know that the best place for a child to receive vaccinations is with their primary care physician.  That will always be our first recommendation to a family.  However, we hope that by offering a convenient alternative while they are with us, we can substantially increase the rate of flu vaccinations and collectively keep our children healthier. 

This service is not just for children but also for parents, caregivers, grandparents and any other adult who would like the flu vaccination.

We will continue to review this program to enhance its benefits to you, our families and our children.


*Ohio state law has limits on ages for vaccines given in pharmacies.