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4/7/09news article

customer satisfaction scores on the rise

service excellence is everyone's responsibility

Most people might think the only thing a hospital measures performance on is strictly through quality and patient safety. At Dayton Children's achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction is also a key quality measurement and area of focus for every staff member.

In fact, service excellence is so important it is an organization wide goal that is regularly reported to the board of trustees and published on the hospital's web site right next to other key quality and patient safety outcomes.

To gauge patient satisfaction, Dayton Children's uses a combination of written surveys and telephone interviews with parents who recently received care for their child in one of 11 major clinical areas of the hospital, including both inpatient and outpatient areas.

Dayton Children's organization-wide goal is to achieve at least a 90 percent overall rating.

During the 2007-2008 fiscal year, a 90 percent overall satisfaction score was achieved for the first time.

Last year, Dayton Children's implemented a new "room service" food program and constructed a parking garage that makes parking much more convenient for visitors and families. Both have contributed to rising satisfaction scores.

"Even though we were busier than ever, parents gave us our highest marks in patient satisfaction to date—several key areas scored close to 100 percent; many others exceeded 90 percent in patient satisfaction," says David Kinsaul, president and CEO.

"These amazing scores are a tribute to the commitment and hard work of every employee, physician and volunteer caring for kids."

At the half way point of the current 2008-2009 fiscal year, Dayton Children's is averaging a score of 90.2, with five of the last six months exceeding 90 percent. Day surgery and the Children's Health Clinic are two areas that consistently receive high customer service scores over 95 percent.

"We take our job of listening to our patients and families very seriously and our customer satisfaction scores continue to improve and we are very proud of that," says Kinsaul.

"All of our employees are aware of our service excellence goal and strive to improve the family's experience - whether it's the security guard helping a patient find their way, a nurse taking extra time to explain a procedure or the cafeteria staff serving food with a smile, service excellence is everyone's responsibility."

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