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11/10/14news article

cool new photos of construction!

Over the last month, Danis has been digging up 19,000 cubic yards of dirt from the courtyard, equal to 6 Olympic-sized swimming pools. The construction team is hauling out dirt through 150 trucks, driving through the hole in the former support services building.

Also, one of the two fuel tanks to power our new generators was delivered recently.

why is this so cool?

The 25,000 gallon fuel tanks provide power to our new generators and can provide 96 hours of power in an outage (if needed) to light our entire campus. To keep the tanks from staying put, they are strapped down on a mat underground and raised only when they need fuel.

For more information, contact: 
Stacy Porter 
Communication Specilaist 
Phone: 937-641-3666

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