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5/2/12blog post

the choking hazard

Mary’s been on solid food for quite some time. She is a huge eater and so far hasn’t been picky about anything (I’m knocking on wood). However, Mary doesn’t have any teeth yet so we are still rather cautious about what she eats in order to prevent choking.

Her teachers at day care made a wonderful point. They are teaching her how to bite and chew – so if she happens to put something dangerous in her mouth she would bite before she swallows and hopefully spit it out or give us a little more time to discover what she has done.

My husband has a different approach…cut everything up into itty bitty pieces. And I’m talking itty bitty…I prefer to tear into pieces (and follow what day care is doing) but Daddy is on a mission to see how small he can cut up fig newtons, green beans and noodles. Or in the case of the photo above – those are French fries and quesadillas!

I guess we all have our safety hang-ups!