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10/26/11blog post

the chocolate cupcake and other scary costumes...

Halloween has arrived! Last year I was anticipating how fun it would be to dress up my little one and this year I'm proud to say I'm going to be the mommy of a chocolate cupcake! This year was pretty easy determining what Mary would be - I found a cute costume and went for it.  Since she's not really walking (although don't tell her that) I didn't have to worry too much about her tripping on anything. And I am avoiding anything messy like face paint. Those were key items when choosing a costume for her this year - but in the future she'll have more of a "say" in what she wants to be - so here is my Halloween costume wishlist:

  • Painted faces rather than masks because the child can see clearer. However, make sure to  use non-toxic paint and test it on your child’s arm or leg a day or two before you venture out to trick-or-treat in case your child’s skin is too sensitive.
  • Costumes that are just right right length and not too long.  Children can easily trip as they are going up and down porch stairs or crossing the street. And it's probably smarter to avoid big, klunky shoes or boots as well.
  • A costume that is light in color or has some sort of retro reflective material/tape to make your child easier to be seen in the dark or at dusk.  Another option is to have them carry a glow stick.
  • A costume that is made from flame-retardant material so that it won't burn.
  • Props that are flexible or soft so in case a little one trips and falls the prop won't cause added injuries.

Dressing up is so special for these little ghosts and goblins! Have a safe Halloween!