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2/15/11news article

child health assessment

A review of the region’s health and safety needs is currently under way.  Conducted every three years, the Dayton Children’s Regional Child Health and Safety Review is designed to gain feedback from parents regarding their concerns for the health and safety of their children.

Parents or guardians of a child 14 years or younger are invited to complete the online survey conducted by Schwartz Consulting Partners.  Results from the study will provide Dayton Children’s and other community health partners with insights the state of pediatric health in our region and help to identify additional or improved services, programs, education and outreach required to improve the health status of all children.

Names of participants completing the confidential survey will be entered into a drawing to receive a one of five $100 Kohl’s gift cards.

The results from the research will be released spring 2011.

about the Regional Child Health and Safety Review

The Regional Child Health and Safety Review is funded by the Dayton children’s foundation.  The study helps to determine the health status, behavior, and needs of children younger than 15 years old within the Dayton children’s service area.  The 2011 study will be the fourth assessment.  The 2008 study found kids were generally healthy, but pointed to three areas of concern—obesity, asthma and allergies, and dental care.

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