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6/14/11news article

CHA-CHA raises $330K for Dayton Children's NICU

The Women’s Board of The Children’s Medical Center of Dayton is proud to announce their donation of $330,000, raised from this year’s CHA-CHA fundraiser. The safari-themed event was a huge success in which they were able to raise enough money to not only fulfill their original pledge, but surpass it in order to donate enough for Dayton Children’s to purchase 10 new Giraffe® Omnibeds as well as an isolette for the Regional Level III Newborn Intensive Care Unit

Giraffe® beds, manufactured by GE Healthcare, significantly improve the quality of care to premature babies by decreasing trauma from frequent moving and manipulation. Because these beds allow for easy access, these fragile infants can stay in the same environment before, during and after procedures. Further, the beds provide a safe environment for premature infants to heal with environmental controls for temperature, humidity and oxygen levels as well as several additional features that allow the best care for the tiniest infants. The isolette provides temperature and humidity control and constant oxygen supply for preemies.

“One of the major benefits of the Giraffe® bed is it enables minimal touches which is so important to the healing of a premature baby—who really needs more rest,” says Jennifer Morris, RNC, clinical coordinator in Dayton Children’s NICU.  “We are so grateful to the Women’s Board for this generous donation.  These beds really can make a difference for the premature, ill infants we care for at Dayton Children’s.”  The purchase will bring to 18 the number of Giraffe beds at Dayton Children’s.

CHA-CHA was developed in the mid 1960’s when a group of women began meeting the need of Barney Children’s Medical Center fundraising for renovation and expansion. Since then the group has evolved into much more. They now administer the HELP fund which supports various other projects within Dayton Children’sThey also host Careers in Health Care seminars for high school students and volunteer in the Schear Activity Center. These women are devoted to providing great medical care to the children of Dayton and the Miami Valley.

“We far surpassed our goal this year thanks to our sponsors, donors and guests.  We wanted to purchase as many beds as possible because we know they provide a peaceful, stable environment for premature, ill infants to grow and thrive.  To be able to add 10 beds and an isolette is a fantastic accomplishment,” said Heidi Hennessy, CHA-CHA chairwoman.

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