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10/31/16news article

a cast of characters spread their wings at Dayton Children's in the annual Halloween parade

theme of "things that fly" really lifts spirits

halloween 2016On Halloween at Dayton Children's, it's hard to tell the kids from the adults.

Everyone dresses up for the holiday and parades through the hospital to visit with the patients who are not able to leave their rooms.

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No matter how big or how small, each patient had the opportunity to pick out their own costume for the day.

The place was buzzing with activity, with every department trying to outdo each other and impress our kids.

From witches...


to the tooth fairy (notice the crown of toothbrushes)...

tooth fairy

even a troupe of rogue flying squirrels (who may or may not be from the neurosurgery department). Don't try this at home kids!

halloween 2016

squirrels halloween 2016

Some even got creative by interpreting the hospital's new design theme - things that fly. These hot air balloons do double duty when it's time to celebrate a birthday!

hot air balloons halloween

Not even our tiniest visitors were left out. Special costumes were handmade for babies in the NICU - although it was pretty exhausting work!

halloween 2016

Whether you were a bug or a bee, a princess or a pirate, today at Dayton Children's was all about being a kid and enjoying Halloween.

halloween 2016

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