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12/26/12blog post

an amazing honor

As the calendar year winds down and we’re in the midst of the holiday season, I’m taking a few minutes to reflect on what the year has meant to me. The greatest thing that stands out is how thankful I am to be a mother. It’s an amazing honor and responsibility to be the protector, guardian and defender of such an exceptional little girl.

With all of the sadness we see in the world, a child’s face can make all of the difference. I’m grateful for all of the special moments that I’ve had with Mary this year. I’m also honored by the awesome job that it is to be a parent.

I think that is why I enjoy writing this blog. I hope, through my stories and some of the lessons we’ve learned here at a Children’s Hospital, that we can make the challenging job of a parent a little easier.

Over the next year, I know my relationship with my daughter is going to grow and change. We will move from not only creating a safe environment for her to sleep, travel and play, to teaching her more about the world – and the dangers that seem to lurk behind every corner. I’m actually looking forward to those challenges. I know I will face a defiant and bold child – those personality traits are already coming through. But that’s my job – to teach her how to live in this world. As a parent I have to take the precautions necessary and balance them with the understanding that children need to explore the world and learn some lessons on their own.

I hope you will continue to share this amazing experience with me! Happy Holidays from Mary and me!