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1/29/15blog post

4 myths on bedwetting

Myth #1 My child is dry during the day so should be dry at night

Actually daytime dryness is typically achieved earlier than nighttime dryness. Children can typically master daytime dryness by the age of 4 years, whereas nighttime dryness continues until 5-7 years in many children. Approximately 15 percent of children continue to wet the bed at age 5 years and this decreases to 1-2 percent by age 15 years. These statistics are likely the reason pediatricians do not officially diagnose nocturnal enuresis (nighttime bedwetting) until after the age of 6 years.

Myth #2 Bedwetting is due to my child being Lazy

As discussed above, nighttime dryness comes later than daytime dryness and is most often due to bladder signaling not being mature. The rate of this maturation is different in every child and delay in this maturation often runs in families! (3 out of 4 children who bedwet have a parent or first degree relative who also had bedwetting struggles) Children who are deep sleepers also have more trouble with nighttime dryness.

Myth #3 Girls do not have trouble with bedwetting

Although boys are nearly 2x as likely as girls to have bedwetting struggles this does not mean that girls are not affected!

Myth #4 There is always a medical cause to blame in children with prolonged bedwetting.

Although this may occasionally be the case, the vast majority of childhood bedwetting is NOT due to a medical problem. Signs that there may be an underlying medical cause include daytime control issues, wetting after a period of overnight dryness, or snoring at night in association with bedwetting. Social or psychological changes can also be to blame when bedwetting recurs after a period of dryness. If there are other symptoms or concerns, your doctor may evaluate bladder function further or obtain a Urinalysis but in most cases these are unnecessary. Be sure to discuss concerns with your physician so they can determine if further testing is warranted.

Rest assured, that although bedwetting is a nuisance for mom and dad, this is a common and normal stage of childhood development that most children will grow out of without any intervention on our part!