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lead poisoning clinic

Lead is a highly toxic metal that was used in many house paints until 1978. If you live in a house built before then, your child may be at risk for lead poisoning. When lead is absorbed into the body, it can cause heart and kidney problems, developmental delays and other serious concerns.

The Lead Poisoning Clinic at Dayton Children's Pediatrics provides comprehensive testing and treatment for children who have high levels of lead in their blood. Doctors and agencies from throughout the region refer patients to our clinic for testing and care.

The clinic is led by Dr. Maria Nanagas who has extensive experience in treating children with lead poisoning and is seen as the regional expert on this topic. Dr. Nanagas has been instrumental in educating the community on the causes and symptoms of lead poisoning.

When a patient is referred to the clinic Dr. Nanagas will work with a social worker and nurses to provide thorough evaluations and treatment. This includes working with the health department to identify the source of the poisoning and helping the family fix the problem.

If you believe your child might be suffering from lead poisoning please talk to your primary care physician to receive a referral to our clinic.


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