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craniofacial center

exceptional care and unwavering compassion

From cleft lip to rare genetic disorders, our pediatric experts treat every patient with exceptional care and compassion. From medical needs to counseling, we explain your child’s condition and answer all your questions while helping you understand your treatment options and make choices that are right for your family.

We have a care team of multiple specialists such as:

Airway management

                      Treacher Collins patient Kent Wu with his mom.


Child life

Dentistry and oral surgery

Dietetics and nutrition therapy

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)



Home care


Rehabilitative services


Speech / language pathology


explore the sections below to learn more about the craniofacial center

going the distance

Dayton Children’s not only provides craniofacial care for children in nation, but internationally as well. We have the know-how to work with global embassies to provide world class care.

patient and family ambassadors

Learn firsthand experience from our patient and family ambassadors. To connect with a patient family, please call 937-641-3268 or  email us.

the craniofacial center patient coordinator

Our care coordinators are here to make your experience exceptional. From a first time visit, to post surgery questions or a second opinion we can assist your family with any health care need. Learn more about the craniofacial center patient coordinator  or call 937- 641-4755.


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For more information about plastic and reconstructive surgery at Dayton Children’s, please call 937-641-3898 or fill out our online form and we'll get back to you.

email us

A physician referral is necessary prior to the first clinic visit. You can make follow-up appointments during your clinic visit or by calling 937-641-5020.