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The Office of Community Health and Engagement Programs

for all children in our region to be happy and healthy

With 20 percent of a child’s health determined by his or her environment and 40 percent determined by behavior – there is a great need to ensure children have healthy and safe places to live, learn, and play. However, in many cases, children may have poor health due to their living conditions and communities.

Dayton Children’s mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of all children, not just those who come to the hospital for care. As a result, the Office of Community Health and Engagement Programs was formed to better address the issues identified in our community health needs assessment . The Center adds more capacity to address child health and safety concerns beyond the walls of the hospital and to help prioritize the health and safety needs in our community ensuring all children in our region thrive.

what does the center do?

The Office of Community Health and Engagement leads the hospital’s community health needs assessment research, planning and priority area program implementation; outreach and education programming; and child health policy initiatives to move children’s health and safety issues forward. Through this office, the hospital works with collaborators and organizations focused on child health and safety issues to establish a community-wide child health and wellness public policy agenda.

The Center operates in four areas of child health:

  1. Education
  2. Outreach
  3. Policy
  4. Research

By coordinating internal, regional, state and national organizations and resources, the Center and its partners are able to provide specific programs designed to prevent illness, injury and other harm, as well as improve the health of children. The Center focuses on cross-sector collaboration to address the social determinants of health and health disparity that lead to aligned programs that will allow us to make our region one of the healthiest places to grow up.


The Office of Community Health and Engagement is committed to playing the following roles in the community:

  • Awareness builder to enable understanding of the state of health of our region’s children and what’s required to improve their overall health.
  • Connector to provide links between families or professionals and resources to help children reach their optimal health.
  • Educator to identify and provide instruction about best practices and emerging trends influencing pediatric health and safety.
  • Advocate to influence public opinion and policy furthering systems level change impacting pediatric health and safety.
  • Engaged participant to leverage and support community health initiatives that address health disparities and improve population health.
  • Backbone to produce a collective impact on significant health issues affecting the children of our region through the identification and stewardship of resources and increasing support for community health.
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If you have additional questions about the Office of Community Health and Engagement please contact Jessica Saunders at 937-641-3385 or by email.


 The Dayton Asthma Alliance aims to positively impact the health and wellness of children with asthma in the Dayton area.

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If congress doesn't extend the Children's Health Insurance Program, millions of kids will lose their insurance at the end of September.

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