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Maria T. Nanagas, MD, Medical Director


lead poisoning, immunization


Maria T. Nanagas, MD, is a pediatric specialist at Dayton Children's Pediatrics located on the campus of Dayton Children's Hospital.  Dr. Nanagas is also a lead poisoning expert and runs a lead poisoning clinic.

Languages Spoken: Filipino and English

Associate Professor in Pediatrics

education and training

  • medical school: University of the Philippines College of Medicine
  • internship: University of the Philippines- Phil Gen Hospital Medical Center
  • residency: St. Elizabeth's Hospital of Boston (Tufts University program)
  • fellowship: Ambulatory Pediatrics, North Shore Children's Hospital
  • board certification: Pediatrics

publications and presentations

  • Meinhard Robinow, MD„ Frank Johnson, M.D., Maria T. Nanagas, M.D. and Homoyoun Mesghali, M.D., :Skeletal Lesions Following Meningococcemia and Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation: A Recognizable Skeletal Dystrophy, American Journal of Diseases of Children Vol. 1366, March 1983, pp279-281
  • Nanagas, Maria T., M.D. "Childhood Lead Poisoning", Pediatric Forum Vol.4, No.1, Winter, 1992 pp13-17
  • Nanagas, Maria T., M.D., "Childhood Immunizations",Medical Memo, DAHP, January 1995
  • Nanagas, Maria T., M.D.,"Update on Office-Based Immunizations",Pediatric Forum Vol.9; No.2, July 1998, pp4-11
  • Nanagas, Maria T., M.D.,"Lead-Free Miami Valley" regular medical corner, a quarterly newsletter, May 1999- May 2001
  • Nanagas, Maria T., M.D., "Childhood Lead Poisoning Update",Pediatric Forum, Vol 12, No.2, Summer 2001, PP26-33
  • John Pascoe, Maria T. Nanagas, Adrienne Stolfi, Shalini Forbis, "A Comparison of Mother's Health Behaviors/beliefs in a Child Health Clinic That Serves Low Income Families" Poster presentation at the Academic Pediatric Society Annual Meeting, May 2004
  • John Pascoe, Maria T. Nanagas, "Correlates of Guns in the Home in an Urban Child Health Clinic For Low Income Families" submitted to Pediatric Academic Society, 2004
  • John Pasco; Maria T. Nanagas Shalini Forbis, "African-American Families'Perceptions of Important Child Health Issues: Comparison of a Community vs. a Clinic Population."Poster Presentation at the Academic Pediatric Societies' Annual Meeting, May 2005
  • Monks, NanagasM, FitchJ, StolfiA, PickoffA, "Comparison of Residents and Faculty Patient Satisfaction Surveys in a Pediatric Ambulatory Clinic" Teaching and Learning in Medicine: An International Journal, Vo118, No4, Fall 2006 pp343-347
  • Nanagas, Maria T., "Bipolar Disorders", In Brief, Pediatrics In Review, Vol 32, No 11, Nov 2011, p502-503
  • Nanagas„ MariaT, Rivera-Amisola,Cecilia,"Filipino Version of Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers- MCHAT" http://www.MCHATSCREEN.COM web June 2011.
  • Nanagas, Maria T., Rivera-Amisola Cecilia "Filipino Translations of Follow-up Interviews for MCHAT" http://www.MCHATSCREEN.COM web June 2011
  • Maria T. Nanagas, Vivian C. Nanagas, Sherry Hile, Adrienne Stolfi, Sherman Alter, "Uptake of Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Among Males Attending anjtJrban Pediatric Clinic Serving Low Income Families on its First Year of Approval and Permissive Recommendation" Poster presented at Pediatric Academic Societies Annual Meeting Boston, Ma, May 2012
  • Vivian C. Nanagas, Maria T. Nanagas, Greg Eberhart, Adrienne Stolfi, Sherman Alter, "Studies on Human Papillomavirus Vaccine " Presented at AAP Poster presentation, Pediatric Academic Societies 'Annual Meeting, Washington DC, May, 2013
  • Nanagas, Maria T. "The Continuing Legacy of Low-Level Lead Exposure" PEDIATRIC FORUM, Vo124, No 1 Jan 2013, pp6-10
  • Benbow, Melissa, Nanagas, Maria. "Pneumothorax Beyond the Newborn Period", In-Brief Pediatrics in Review, Vo135, No8, August 2014

awards, honors and organizations

  • Wallace Taggart Award, highest prof staff award for outstanding committment to improving health care of children
  • AAP Ohio Chapter Community Service Award
  • Distinguished Service Award by DC for significant contribution to hospital and medical school mission
  • Top Ten Women of Dayton
  • YWCA Women of Excellence Award
  • A Child's Voice" Dayton Children's Child Advocacy Award
  • Best Doctors in America® 2012, 2015, 2018
  • Outstanding Overseas Education Award, University of Philadelphia Medical School award

get to know me

I chose my specialty because...

I love to see children grow happy and healthy. To guide protect, support and speak for the children is an easy choice for me.

I chose to work at Dayton Children's because...

they do things "right for kids." I belive in its mission, its core values and continuous process of quality improvements.

Dayton Children's is special because...

it is a "difference maker" organization. It has committed folks who align core values, enforces them, and makes everyone accountable. I like thier medical eduaction poece as well, and I work in a caring and friendly environment.

ratings and reviews
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Dayton Survey

Work more efficiently.

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Dayton Survey

Dayton Children's Health Clinic is an Awesome place to take your child if you're looking for a doctor or specialist I'm very grateful to have such a good doctor for my child..

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Dayton Survey

I cannot rave enough about Dr. Nanangas. She is great- see previous comments. Yes you may share my feedback

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Dayton Survey

Sufficient and easy to schedule appointments.