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Imran Sayed, MD


Imran Sayed, MD is a pediatrician at Dayton Children's specializing in critical care.

Languages spoken:

  • Hindi
  • Urdu
  • Marathi
  • Basic Spanish

education and training

  • medical school: Mahatma Gandhi Mission's Medical College, Navi Mumbai, India
  • internship: Texas Tech University, Paul L Foster School of Medicine, El Paso, TX
  • residency: Texas Tech University, Paul L Foster School of Medicine, El Paso, TX - Pediatrics
  • fellowship: University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics
  • board certification: Pediatrics

awards, honors and organizations

  • American Academy of Pediatrics
  • American Medical Association
  • Society of Critical Care Medicine

publications and presentations

  • Sayed IA, McBride J, Conway J, Eldridge M, Al-Subu A, Lemierre’s Syndrome and Necrotizing Mediastinitis caused by Staphylococcus Aureus in an Infant, Critical Care Medicine: January 2018
  • Marten K, Talukdar A, Sayed IA, Giles D, Wald E, Ferrazano P, Cengiz P, Septic Shock and ARDS due to Fusobacterium necrophorum Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Critical Care Medicine: January 2018
  • Sayed IA, Pathak IS, Wise L, Sippel M, Hernandez LL, Mulla ZD. Predictors of a Prolonged Lengthof Stay in Children with Perforated Appendicitis. South Med J. 2016 Apr;109(4):230-5
  • Raman,GV., Joseph, T., Sayed, IA. A Rare Case of Submitral Left Ventricular Aneurysm with MitralReg urgitation. J. Indian Ped. 2010 Oct
  • Sayed IA, Shally A, Pande VK, Cause-specific Mortality in Under Fives in the Urban Slums of Mumbai,India. J. Indian Ped. 2009 Dec

get to know me

I chose my specialty because...

it is my passion to protect children, to understand the underlying pathophysiological processes of critical illness in children, to heal them when possible, to help relieve their and their families suffering in time of most need and thus help give them their childhood back again.

I like working with kids because...

children amaze me. To me, working with children doesn’t feel like a job. I love their inner strength and resiliency. You can tell them they have a serious illness and the only thing they want to know is when they can have a candy or a Popsicle. I love seeing toddlers riding toy bikes down hospital hallways. I believe it is an absolute privilege and honor to have their trust and to be given the chance to make their lives better.

I chose to work at Dayton Children's because...

I loved the friendly and supportive environment.

Dayton Children's is special because...

it has helped establish the standards of excellence in pediatric care in the region.

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