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Christa Barlow, MS, CPNP-AC/PC

doctor bio


pediatric procedural sedation


Christa Barlow, MS, CPNP-AC/PC, is a certified pediatric nurse practitioner at Dayton Children's specializing in cardiology.

education and training

  • Wright State University College of Nursing and Health
  • Master of Science in Child and Adolescent Health
  • Board Certification: Pediatric Nursing Certification Board: Acute Care and Primary Care Nurse Practitioner

publications and presentations

Pediatric Clip:  “Moderate Sedation and Anxiolysis in Medical Imaging”, by Christa Barlow, MS, CPNP-AC, and Sarah Seim, MSN, CPNP.  January, 2010.

awards, honors and organizations

Member of Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honor Society, since 2003.

get to know me

I chose my specialty because...

I love pediatric cardiology.

I like working with kids because...

they are so real. They really help keep things in perspective.

I chose to work at Dayton Children's because...

I am proud to be a part of an organization that puts kids first.

Dayton Children's is special because...

we are like family. We are all here to provide the best care for kids.