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Judy Mosher

The Craniofacial Center patient coordinator

Judy Mosher is the patient coordinator for the Craniofacial Center at Dayton Children's. She specializes in craniofacial syndromes, research craniofacial genetics, advocacy, networking and hosting annual retreats for syndromic families. She is also the cofounder of the Treacher Collins Network.

Judy comes to Dayton Children's with more than 20 years of advocacy experience to assist in building the hospital's craniofacial center. As the pediatric craniofacial patient coordinator, she will intake and follow craniofacial patients throughout their treatment process.

Through Judy's many years of advocacy and networking, she has participated in a number of presentations and retreats. One special presentation in particular was a 2004 Discovery Channel documentary called UNMASKED: Treacher Collins Syndrome.

As she and several of her family members have Treacher Collins syndrome, Judy understands the importance of her advocacy and work to a higher degree. She enjoys working with families to guide and help parents find resources that can make a world of difference for their kids. She is excited to work at Dayton Children's to care for children before, during and after their treatment. In her free time Judy is also a beagle rescuer and has four beagle rescues of her own.

Contact Judy at, call 937-641-4755 or fill out our online contact form.

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