Video: Patient Success Stories - Life with Asthma

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Andrew Ferguson has been coming to The Childrens Medical Center of Dayton ever since he was 3 years old. Andrew, age 9, was diagnosed with steroid dependent asthma and has been working with Gary Mueller, MD to help manage his breathing.

Andrew has severe allergies and this is part of what triggers Andrews severe asthma, says Christina Knight, Andrews mom.

Andrews asthma is also triggered while running or playing outside with his friends, especially on humid summer days. Cold weather can also cause Andrew to develop an asthma attack as well as dust and ragweed. Christina pays close attention to weather and what is best for Andrew with the help of Dayton Childrens.

I wheeze and have a hard time breathing. Sometimes I need to be admitted, Andrew says.

When admitted, he stays up to 4 days, receiving breathing treatments every few hours and oxygen, says Christina. I really like the nurses because they remember me and they play games with me. I also like ordering room service, usually sausage and gravy on toast, says Andrew.

Last year, Andrews mother purchased a new home with fewer allergic triggers by eliminating carpets and reducing the amount of dust inside. Since living in their new home, Andrews emergency visits have significantly decreased.

It is important to keep a clean house and minimize the amount of dust exposure along with using cleaning products that are free of asthma-triggering chemicals, says Gary Mueller, pediatric pulmonologist at Dayton Childrens.

Christina has learned to make her own cleaning products using items such as vinegar or lemon juice can help keep a home clean and safe for a child suffering from asthma.

Ive learned to use my nose when deciding whether a chemical is tolerable for Andrew. Harsh smells are usually a sign to try something else, says Christina. It is very important to maintain a green home for asthmatic children, and never allow smoking in the house.

Andrews family has a pet fish, named Scuttles; this allows Andrew to have a pet to care for while avoiding pets with dander that could cause Andrews breathing difficulties. He also has a dog; however, it stays at Grandmas.

Working with Dr. Mueller, Christina has been able to provide Andrew a healthy environment.

Dr. Mueller has gone above and beyond our expectation when helping Andrew, says Christina. He really cares about Andrew; he works with insurance companies to get Andrew on all the right medications to best fit his medical needs.

I always look forward to working with Andrew and his mom to make life a little easier when it comes to his severe asthma, says Dr. Mueller.

Christina says, Dayton Childrens is the right hospital for my son. Andrew adds, Dayton Childrens is just right for me.


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