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Selah Knopp

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Baby Selah

Nine month old, Selah Knopp was rushed to the hospital when her father Joe found her suffering from a spiked fever and uncontrollable chills. Selah’s parents were greeted with calming spirits and control while she was treated immediately at the hospital.

“When we took her temperature at home it was 101 degrees and by the time we arrived at the urgent care it had spiked to 106 degrees. The nurse checking us in noticed how lethargic Selah was and prepared for her to be taken back to an exam room immediately,” says Angie.

Without delay, the staff at the urgent care started an IV and began testing Selah to determine a diagnosis.

“The urgent care staff did a wonderful job at making sure Selah got the proper care as quickly as possible. Dr. Sinha saved her life,” says Angie.

The staff immediately called an ambulance to transport Selah to Dayton Children’s Soin Pediatric Trauma and Emergency Center when her eyes began to roll around and her shaking did not stabilize.

“I was comfortable with the idea of her going to the emergency department at Dayton Children’s because I knew they would be totally prepared for the situation,” says Angie.

Soon after the Knopp family arrived at Dayton Children’s, doctors determined that a severe urinary tract infection (UTI) was the cause of Selah’s high fever. They admitted Selah and started her on the appropriate medication.

According to Selah’s parents, the best part about arriving at Dayton Children’s was the calmness of how the staff approached their family.

“My wife and I were instantly greeted with a calm spirit and a total sense of control,” says Joe. “Every person that came into Selah’s room articulated their role and calmly went about their business.”

Joe explains that even before the staff was prepared, the doctor quickly came in and sat down next to mom and baby to gently prepare them for the upcoming events.

“I loved the emergency department doctor we saw,” says Angie, “She was very patient with us – we had a lot of questions and she took the time to answer all of them.”

Joe and Angie are truly grateful and impressed with the care they received at Dayton Children’s.

“I would certainly recommend Dayton Children’s to others.” explains Joe, “Not only is the staff highly skilled technically but more importantly, they sincerely care about the patient and their family.”



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