Faith Callif-Daley

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Department/Unit: Genetics
Nominated by: Physician

"I nominate Faith Callif-Daley for a Spirit Star Award for her efforts in beginning and maintaining an outstanding Cancer Genetics Program in the metropolitan Dayton area that has been managed through the Department of Medical Genetics at Dayton Children’s. 

In 1994 when the clinical use of genetic testing for breast/ovarian and colon cancer was in its infancy, Faith had the vision to recognize that providing this service to the Dayton community might be a promising venture. Indeed she was right.  She initiated the steps to collaborate with various oncology services in Dayton, and soon we were offering state of the art cancer genetic services for families and individuals with possible familial cancer syndromes.  Faith has worked tirelessly to keep up with this ever changing field, and she provides exceptionally high quality services to all individuals in our community regardless of their ability to pay or their station in life. Her cancer counseling activities have alleviated the anxiety of many, and her practical and scientifically-based suggestions based on current medical practices for cancer screening, surveillance, and prevention has been a benefit to countless families.

The 1-2 hour sessions that Faith provides are done with great personal care and sensitivity.  I have sat in on many of Faith’s patient discussions, and they are exemplary.  The results of these encounters sometimes leads to genetic testing which can unlock the reason why there has been so many individuals with cancer in a particular family.  Armed with this newly gotten information, at-risk individuals in these families can then be empowered to have themselves tested to find out if they are a significantly greater risk for developing cancer because they carry the disease mutation in this family, or whether they do not carry the disease mutation and thus their risk to develop cancer is similar to the general population.  Clearly, the high quality Cancer Genetics program that Faith has cultivated over the past 16 years has improved the health and well-being of many in our region.  Dayton Children’s can take great pride in claiming this exceptional health care provider as one of its own."


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