Nicole Manns

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Nominated by staff:
"I would like to thank Nikki for her outstanding work. In addition to her regular duties as an office coordinator III in OPC -3, she consistently accepts additional tasks with a positive attitude and a smile on her face. She has worked for the past several months on obtaining prior authorizations from insurance companies for the TEAM clinics.  This is a major undertaking, as it may take hours to complete. Her diligent work has helped so many families not burden the costs associated with office visits as well as making sure the hospital is reimbursed for the services rendered. She has developed worksheets with information about the prior authorizations so that the clinic is aware the service is covered. This also has alleviated work on behalf of the clinic nurses. She is very efficient in this area. We can count on her to complete the PAs in a timely manner so that children do not have to be rescheduled in order to have more time to obtain a PA.  This has been a great service to families and the hospital.

In addition, Nikki temporarily worked for the BCMH area of the hospital during the medical absence of the full time BCMH coordinator for Dayton Children's. She demonstrated exceptional work in this area as well. She was very thorough and ensured the BCMH process ran smoothly during Louise’s absence. She looked for any opportunity to not only 'do the work,' but to also make it easier for others. She developed a list of commonly used ICD9 numbers and distributed them to others that use this information. What a time saver! Instead of searching the ICD9 number out, now they were at your fingertips. Nikki rose to the challenge of covering another person’s position and did a great job! I talked with Louise when she returned and she just knew that Nikki would take care of things, because that’s the kind of person Nikki is. 

Nikki has worked at Dayton Children's since November 2003. She is an asset to patients, families and staff alike. She consistently accepts tasks and goes above and beyond to ensure quality service. Thank you for your consideration of Nicole Manns as a SPIRIT Star."


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