Tessa Brady

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Nominated by staff:
"We had a patient, come into medical imaging to have a VCUG procedure done. When families and patients find out everything that is going to happen for this procedure, it can be frightening and intimidating. Tess, the tech for the procedure, thoroughly explained to the mom what would happen during the procedure. The mom was not aware ahead of time what would happen during the procedure so this made her very nervous and she had another special concern. The mom was concerned about anything going into her daughter’s vaginal area due to the views of her religion. Tessa was very compassionate and attentive to the mom’s concerns as she explained what would happen and the steps that she would take to try and ensure that nothing would go into her daughter’s vaginal opening. Tessa was very honest with the mom that there was a slight chance that this could happen and explained how it could happen. Tessa told the mom that she knew her daughter better than anyone else so if at any point she wanted the procedure to stop and reschedule with sedation that Tessa would stop at any point and honor her request. At one point, the mom stated that she wanted Tessa to 'treat her as if she was her own daughter' and if she felt she should stop then do it. Even though the mom was nervous about going through with the procedure, she told Tessa that she trusted her and her judgment to do the right thing for her daughter. Fortunately the procedure went very smoothly and the mom was very, very grateful for all that Tessa had done to comfort her and assure her that we would do our best to make sure the test would go as best we could! Tessa was able to provide quality service and recognize and respond to the patient/family needs. If Tessa was nervous at all you would never have known as she seemed to be very relaxed and in control of the procedure the entire time.  I wanted to take this opportunity to nominate Tessa for a SPIRIT Star and say thank you for the great job you did with this family!"

"Tessa is one of the most compassionate individuals that I had ever met and worked with."


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