Joyce Wirtz

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Nominated by staff:
"I would like to thank Joyce Wirtz for her role model level of service, innovation and teamwork. She has inspired the entire QRM and professional staff office by creatively working to further unify these teams. Joyce agreed to move from 0.5 FTE to 0.7 to cover two quality Ohio Children’s Collaborative projects. These extra hours required data collection and several trips to Columbus this year. When her coworker delivered a baby, she asked Joyce if she would be willing to move to full time for and extended period so that she could reduce her hours and care for her new son. Joyce willingly accepted the challenge. This required learning many new responsibilities, including monitoring surgical occurrences and indicators as well as receiving all child maltreatment cases. She worked many extra, uncompensated hours to assure that these projects were completed and accurate so that the nurse who was returning from maternity leave would not feel overwhelmed or behind. All of this said, Joyce is a shining example of 'niceness' sprinkled with innovation! She surprised our work team with hidden Easter eggs with notes of appreciation and gratitude. She offered to represent the department by serving on the Nurses' Week Committee. Joyce volunteered to help the director coordinate a team project to donate a team project to donate a Sugarplum tree. We tease her that she is our 'Martha Stewart' because we know that every week she will find some way to brighten the team’s spirit with her humor and creativity. She is infectious and all seem to have embraced her positive SPIRIT.  I delight in the 'I can do it' approach. Truly one of Dayton Children's gems."


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