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Wally B. Bear hugging Josh Davidson

"Dayton Children's is our home away from home. I have five kids and all of them have been cared for at Dayton Children's. They all have received excellent care. Wally B. Bear made Josh's day when he came to visit him at the clinic. Thank you for always going above and beyond."

- Angie Davidson, Huber Heights

"Thank you to Steve, Joyce, Dr. Pence and the rest of the nursing staff in outpatient surgery for taking excellent care of my little girl! They are all wonderful people and they made her smile though she was nervous about her procedure. Thanks again and God bless your entire staff!"

"The nurses at Dayton's Children's hematology/oncology unit are one of a kind! They are always there for support, encouragement, a hug, a nice thought and sometimes they don't have to say anything at all to let you know what they are thinking! They are willing to drop anything to be there for any of their patients. Thank you so much for all you do!"

- Valerie McCollister, St. Mary's

"We are eternally grateful to Sharon Ross for helping save our daughter’s life. She treats us with the care and compassion that most people save for their own family. We will never forget her."

- Janel and Jerad Barnett, Beavercreek

"My son spent the first 103 days of his life in the NICU. I was totally amazed at the level of care he received. From the nurses, the doctors, the nurse practitioners and respiratory therapists were all beyond helpful and if you had questions they answered them all. When Carmine was transported from Kettering after birth, the transport team was very informative as to what would happen when he arrived. When my husband returned to the hospital he brought the tiniest diaper I have ever seen in my life to show me that the nurses had given him to take to me. Carmine had the best care @ Dayton Children's and I couldn't have asked for more. My son was given a 15 percent chance of survival at birth and he is now almost five months old and growing like crazy. They are the best and this is what they do and why it is the only pediatric hospital in the area. They deal with the smallest babies (mine was 13.2 ounces!) and only children. Thank you so much to everyone that helped in any way and especially those involved with his care. You all are like family and we love you!"

- Mandie Yannitti, Bellbrook

"You saved my 7-week old with RSV! I love you guys! He is now 8 years old and doing great. He wouldn't have made it without your staff."

- Michelle Gates, Sidney

"My son was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia in September 2009. The hematology/oncology nurses are the best. I don't think we could have made it this far without their support. They care for my son like he is their only patient even when they are running around with a full clinic. So many times they have gone above and beyond normal nursing duties for us."

- Meg Wyrick, West Carrollton

"We love Dayton Children's because there is no other hospital that has a staff that works harder to make sure that your child is receiving the best care. Thank you!"

- Lori Crawford, Urbana

"We love the hematology/oncology nurses both on the fourth floor and in the clinic. They have inspired me to go to school to become a pediatric hem/onc nurse. They are amazing and so loving and caring to the kids and the families. We could never thank them enough!"

- Hollie Greene, Franklin

"The nurses in hematology/oncology are the best! We always look forward to seeing them when our daughter has check-ups. Their gentleness, compassion and empathy toward the children provide not only physical healing but comfort during some of the most difficult crises any family could face. Thanks especially to Heather, Amy, Amy, Sharon, Cheryl and Robbie."

- Emily Mangual, Springboro

"My son Burr spent his first four months of life in the NICU. It was our second home. He is now 14 and is the happiest and most social person imaginable! The doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists saved his life many times. The long hours they put in really are life changing, and life saving!"

Leigh Ann Simpson, Urbana

"My son Luke spent the month of February of 2006 in the NICU. I knew he was taken care of by the wonderful staff! We are very appreciative of all the care and love he received. They are the best - Dayton's NICU is awesome!"

- Jenifer Stauffer, Kenton

"Dayton's Children's has the best hematology/oncology nurses around! We love you all!"

- Jill Lord and the Stewart family, Piqua

"We love the hematology/oncology nurses and doctors. They helped us through the worst time of our lives. They are the best!"

- Rachel Ormsby, Beavercreek

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Carmine and Mandie Yannitti in the NICU
Kyle Crawford
Jackie Greene
Julia Mangual and her family
Burr and Leigh Ann Simspson
Paige Stewart
Rachel and Nathan Ormsby
Ally Barnett


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