An Accidental Summer Burn

Owen Sanford

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Audrey Sanford with younger brother Owen.

When a child is injured, pediatric experts within reach as well as a first-rate surgery center make an important difference. The Sanfords of Germantown learned that this summer when their 10-year-old son Owen suffered a serious injury at home.

With treadmill burns on the rise, the right pediatric experts within reach and a first-rate burn program make an important difference. The Sanfords of Germantown learned that this summer when their 10-year-old son Owen suffered a serious injury at home.
David and Susie Sanford were at a neighbor’s home for a summer party on Friday, July 23, when the afternoon was interrupted by a phone call from their 13-year-old daughter Audrey who told them that her brother Owen had been injured on the treadmill.

At home they were devastated to discover their son had serious burns to his right leg and foot after becoming trapped in the treadmill. “He was using it improperly with no shoes or socks on his feet,” says Susie. “Apparently the belt on the treadmill was going too fast. Owen stumbled and his right foot was trapped between the belt and the frame of the machine.”

 Susie and David rushed Owen to Dayton Children’s Outpatient Care Center – Springboro, a short drive from their Germantown home. “I was really scared when I saw my foot,” Owen recalls.

The staff examined him, cleaned the wound, took x-rays and bandaged him. They recommended the Sanfords make an appointment with a pediatric surgeon who specializes in burn care for further treatment, because of the seriousness of Owen’s injuries.

On the Monday following Owen’s accident, the Sanfords met with David Meagher, MD, director of pediatric surgery and burn care at Dayton Children’s, and Linda Hollen, RN, a nurse practitioner in pediatric surgery.

“Owen had a significant friction burn on his big toe. With this type of injury, we like to watch and wait for 12 to 14 days to see if the injuries will heal on their own and possibly avoid skin grafting surgery,” Dr. Meagher says.

 “I had hoped that Owen would not need surgery,” Susie remembers, but at their follow-up appointment on August 9, Dr. Meagher said skin grafting surgery would be needed. He explained that a skin graft will help deep wounds heal without hypertrophic scarring—thick, raised scars that are not only unsightly, but can inhibit movement. Dr. Meagher has years of experience in treating burns.

“I was very scared and had lots of questions, but he and Linda answered all our questions and the surgery went exactly as he described without a hitch.”

Facts about burns

  • Pediatric surgery receives over 50 visits each month for burn-related care
  • The most frequent burn in children is scalds, often from boiling liquids pulled from counters or heated in the microwave
  • The frequency of burns between boys and girls is 4:1
  • Treadmill burns are becoming more and more frequent  in kids

Burn Care at Dayton Children’s

  • A new hydrosurgery system in Dayton Children’s operating rooms is improving the surgical care of children with burns and wounds requiring debridement (removal of dead tissue and debris)
  • Dayton Children’s burn program cares for kids with up to 50 percent body surface burns; the average serious burn is 10 to 11 percent

We do more pediatric surgeries than any other facility in the region

  • More than 12,000 surgeries are performed annually.
  • Board-certified pediatric anesthesiologists are present for every surgery.
  • The latest technology such as minimally invasive surgery and transcranial motor evoked potentials ensure the highest level of care.
  • Focus on customer services results in consistently high patient satisfaction scores.
  • Presurgery tours twice weekly will help ease anxiety for you and your child before surgery.
  • Day surgery patient rooms offer privacy (all private rooms) and the comforts of home--TV, DVD, hand-held computer game systems and more. Children are encouraged to bring video games, DVDs, a favorite stuffed animal or other item to make them feel more comfortable.
  • For more information about surgical services and presurgery tours, call 937-641-3476.

Owen Sanford and his care team - David Meagher, MD, Linda Hollen, MD, and Susie Sanford


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