Dayton Children's Economic Impact Report - 2009

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There are many benefits of having one of only 50 free-standing children’s hospitals right here in Dayton. One of these reasons is our economic impact on the Dayton region.

The 2009 Dayton Children’s Economic Impact Report shows a $340 million total economic impact in the Dayton region and direct employment of 1,885 people in our community. The direct impact of what we must spend to run Dayton Children’s totals $153 million - for things like staffing, utilities, goods and services - and these expenditures also generated $134 million of additional economic activity in the region. The capital investments we have made in facilities to expand care throughout our region as well as our new clinical information system and other new pediatric specific equipment totaled $28.3 million in 2008, which also created an additional $24 million of economic activity in the region.

The wages and benefits we pay our specially trained staff provided a $92 million direct impact to the local economy, and because they live and raise their families here these dollars had a total household impact of $158.4 million.

At Dayton Children’s our goal is to efficiently provide the highest quality of pediatric health care possible to our region’s children. We know by investing in people and infrastructure we can improve access to specialized pediatric care and remain the vital safety net for our region’s most vulnerable children and at the same time contribute positively to building our region’s economy.

The 2009 Dayton Children's Economic Impact Report was made possible through the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association’s (GDAHA) Economic & Employment Impact study recently completed by the University of Cincinnati.

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