Kristi Blitz

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Department/Unit: Supply chain services
Nominated by: Manager

"I would like to thank Kristi Biltz for help in getting competitive bids on environmental graphics for Dayton Children’s. This capital budget expenditure was a significant one for marketing communications. She has been phenomenal in dealing with vendors and getting Dayton Children’s the best prices. Kristi has included me in all meetings and has gotten tough with vendors so I can preserve relationships with them—even if they do not get the job. Her efforts in this case will save the hospital about $5,000, which will allow us to do more to achieve our internal branding goals. Kristi exemplified service, professionalism, integrity, respect and teamwork during this process.

Service:  She quickly connected with me when she was going through her list of capital budget expenditures approved for 2010.  Kristi put me at ease, letting me know she was there to work for me and that the final decision on vendor selection was mine. Throughout the process, Kristi set up vendor meetings, let the discussion, got tough (though always polite and professional) when necessary and let me know what kinds of criteria we should be looking for in a vendor.

Professionalism: All of the above as well as her willingness to spend time with me explaining how the bidding process would work, what I could expect as we moved ahead and, again, much reassurance that she would do the “heavy lifting” of negotiating the best price for the hospital. We are not all born negotiators or know how to push for the best price. Kristi fills a much-needed role in that respect.

Integrity: Throughout the process, Kristi never spoke negatively of a vendor and was very transparent with me. I never had any doubts about the competitive bidding process or that Kristi had a different agenda than mine. I always felt that I was her valued customer.

Respect. All of the above, again! Kristi was always very courteous, friendly and professional with me and the vendors. She earned my respect through her display of this important SPIRIT standard.

Although we typically don’t think of standardized processes as innovative, I believe that Kristi and material’s services have shown innovation at Dayton Children’s by implementing new processes that have huge benefits for the hospital and all of us willing to work with them. I know they have gotten some push back on MediClick and other changes, but despite the fact these changes aren’t glamorous, they could be considered innovations."


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