Janet Squiers

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Department/Unit: Rehabilitative services
Nominated by: Manager

"Customer Service + Innovation: I would like to thank Janet for being creative and caring in her therapy with an inpatient that has been here for months and wanted to play in the snow. She exceeded customer service to the family and patient by asking permission from the doctor to bring in snow and build a snowman while doing PT. Teamwork: She took pictures to share with staff to increase staff morale and she contacted marketing thinking they may want to use this and they did! Hit Facebook and YouTube!" 

"I submitted this already, but since that time, this event has snowballed into something much larger so I wanted to resubmit it. I also attached the picture of the YouTube video (her building a snowman with an inpatient during his PT session) that goes with it. I think Janet deserves great praise and recognition for this event as it has brought national recognition to our hospital. The story first played on Channel 2, but was then picked up by the weather channel and local news agencies around the US. We even had a fraternity from a university in another state adopt our hospital and start sending us toys and videos because they saw the video!  Janet far exceeded customer service, professionalism, innovation and teamwork in this one event. She is creative and energetic and always looking for ways to go above and beyond and promote our services and hospital! This time, she has tremendous success! I would not only support her for the monthly SPIRIT Star recognition, but think this ranks very high for the yearly SPIRIT star award. Thanks!! Additional details of the YouTube video and Channel 2 news story can be found on the website and most people have already seen it by now so I did not repeat it in this note."



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